FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

The RDA Approach

The firm remains committed to the belief that one of the primary issues of the coming decades will be the wise use of energy resources. For this reason, RDA places special emphasis on the design and operation of engineered systems which are efficient, dependable
and cost-effective.

Every member of the RDA team knows our future depends on client satisfaction. We emphasize:

  • - Prompt response.
  • - Service tailored to client needs.
  • - Use of state-of-the-art computer and CAD resources.
  • - Hands-on operation and maintenance experience.
  • - Follow-through after project start-up.


  • Special Projects

  • - Feasibility studies
  • - Facilities condition assessment
  • - Market analysis
  • - Financial pro-forma development
  • - Energy audits
  • - Project development
  • - Planning and phased construction programs
  • - Management, operations and consulting
  • Third-Party and Design-Build Projects

    Third-Party Energy Plant

    RDA provided design, construction and operation of a third-party energy plant for the U.S. Army under a multi-year contract. RDA procured the site and permits, managed construction of multiple subcontractors and commissioned the energy plant on time and within budget. The plant produced uninterrupted steam under a 13 year contract, which included operation and maintenance of the facility, fuel procurement and financing. RDA's third-party experience allowed the Army to continue operations at the Midwest facility after BRAC closures threatened to disrupt operations. A documented evaluation showed that RDA's plan saved the U.S. Government over $35 million over the contract period.

    Design-Build HVAC Renovations

    RDA was able to provide design-build HVAC renovations for the U.S. Forestry Service in Athens, GA to replace aging chillers and steam boilers with new high-efficiency chilled water and hot water building systems. RDA's approach evaluated building current and future use, as opposed to simple replacement of existing systems. The result was a reduced capital cost with better efficiency for Forestry Service buildings.

    Centratherm, Inc.

    Centratherm, Inc., a company owned by RDA principals, was created in 1998 to serve the needs of clients seeking central heating and cooling system equipment, piping and turnkey services. Centratherm can engineer skid-mounted pump and heat exchanger systems, controls dedicated to central plant operation, and piping systems using EN253 technical specifications or low-temperature materials such as PEX to make construction of central heating and cooling systems easier and more cost-effective. Centratherm satisfies competitive bidding requirements by documenting multiple price proposals from component suppliers, thus reducing the work on contractors and owners in the public sector. A major advantage of the Centratherm approach is to coordinate products so that maximum efficiency is achieved through design.