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Sample Portfolio

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Equitable Gas-Energy Company - Operations and Management

pittsburgh large RDA provided operations and management of the Equitable Gas-Energy system in Pittsburgh, PA under a three year contract. Services included day-to-day operations, data collection, overview, supervision of Gas-Energy plant personnel, preparationof operations reports, and other facets of system management. To effectively accomplish the scope of services, RDA located a general manager and staff on site and equipped the operations office with a computer system and software which interfaced with the computer systems of our Atlanta, GA office. RDA engineers designed and managed construction of major steam piping system renovations. Renovations included redesign and construction of over sixteen manholes located throughout the Equitable Gas-Energy system. Temporary boilers were located in strategic spots so that steam service was maintained to all customers throughout the renovation project.

Hartford Steam Company - Design of District Heating and Cooling System


RDA worked with Energy Networks, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Connecticut Natural Gas Company, to implement a new district heating and cooling system in the rapidly developing state capital area of Hartford, Connecticut. This project included both hot and chilled water distribution from a central plant to two new office buildings, state government buildings, and two residential towers. A combined cycle natural gas energy plant cogenerates approximately 60 MW of electricity in addition to producing heating and cooling energy. RDA provided engineering services for the design, procurement, and construction of the piping system, heat exchangers and chiller plant modifications, and the building mechanical system connections. Project cost: $17 million.

Georgia Institute of Technology - Chilled Water Master Plan


Following the Olympic Games in Atlanta, RDA worked with the Georgia Institute of Technology Engineering Department to evaluate campus-wide chilled water service, plan for campus growth, and develop a master plan for campus piping. The Georgia Tech system included a central chilled water plant and several distributed chillers in major buildings. Some of the efforts included identifying buildings served by the central chilled water system, estimating loads at the various buildings, and identifying existing piping conditions. In addition to proposing specifics for chilled water infrastructure expansion, the master plan provided an excellent guide for campus administration to use in its budgeting process.

City of Piqua, Ohio - Design of District Heating System

RDA worked with the City of Piqua, Ohio to plan, identify, configure and design a new hot water district heating system. Construction was completed on the first two phases of the multi-phase project that installed hot water district heating. A 30 MW turbine generator was planned to provide base load thermal and electric energy for the city. RDA was responsible for all aspects of the project from initial conceptualization, feasibility, business planning, securing customers, and identifying financial arrangements, to designing project specifications and construction supervision. The critical aspects of the Piqua project included:
- Appropriate scaling of the project.
- Designing financial arrangements for the system and customers.
- Gaining the confidence of the Piqua Energy Board and City Commission.
- Phasing the project to growth of the thermal market.
- Integrating the new district heating system into the management and operating structure of the Piqua Municipal Power System.

Thermal Energy Corporation - Chilled Water Service Study

Thermal Energy Corporation (TECO) of Houston, Texas asked RDA to prepare a chilled water service study reviewing the overall development plans and an evaluation of life cycle cost analyses for a portion of the Texas Medical Center campus. RDA was able to rely on its experience in design and operation of central chilled water utilities for real world insight into the Medical Center's campus expansion. The study included estimates of thermal loads, capital costs for distribution systems and connections to medical research buildings, and estimates of utility and labor costs for operations. Results showed favorable life cycle costs for connection of that portion of the campus to the TECO central chilled water services.

Marietta Power and Water Building - HVAC Upgrade and Commissioning

RDA assisted the Marietta Power facilities staff with the design of an HVAC upgrade project, along with an emergency power generator upgrade. RDA also worked with the City of Marietta to design HVAC renovations and replacement at its Water Building offices. RDA also acted as the commissioning agent during the construction of these projects to ensure that Marietta Power received fully tested and functioning facilities.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant - Design of Industrial Boiler Addition

RDA worked with a Georgia pharmaceutical manufacturing plant to evaluate steam system use and install additional steam capacity to support manufacturing operations. RDA evaluated existing steam systems; prepared bid specifications for boiler, deaerator, and major equipment; assisted the company in taking equipment proposals; and designed piping and electrical modifications for new boiler and equipment installation. The fast-track project required construction of a building addition, new steam header, and piping and control modifications. New boiler additions were accomplished with minimal steam system outages in order to keep the plant in continuous operation.

Savannah Regional Hospital - Conversion of Steam to Hot Water Heating

RDA designed a replacement for the steam and chilled water system at the sixteen building Savannah Regional Hospital complex in Savannah, GA. A life-cycle cost comparison indicated that conversion of the system from high pressure steam to low temperature hot water was feasible and cost-effective. The project included replacement of air handling units in each major building, cleaning of duct systems, installation of computerized monitoring and control systems, replacement of domestic hot water heaters, installation of variable volume terminals for limited air zoning, and balancing of air systems. Throughout the eighty-five acre campus, new hot and chilled water supply and return piping was installed. A small steam generaor was installed at the kitchen to provide steam for cooking. At the central plant, the existing steam boilers were converted to provide hot water, and the auxiliary steam equipment was removed. The chilled water pumps and piping within the central plant were replaced with new variable speed pumps for efficient operation. The new heating system design used circulating hot water to provide heating to the hospital's buildings.

Downtown Atlanta Condo Highrise - Assessment of HVAC System

RDA assessed the HVAC problems for a downtown Atlanta high rise condominium association. Services included collection of information from data loggers, reviewing building plans and conditions, and performing evaluations and analyses. Findings were presented to the condominium board of directors for their evaluation and action. Problems assessed included capacity, operating costs, location of equipment for maintainability, and humidity removal.